Power over ethernet bundle kit (POE-100 + POE-100S). Planet - PO

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Power over ethernet bundle kit (POE-100 + POE-100S). Planet - PO
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Planet POE-100/POE-100S - Power over Ethernet Adapter
Planet POE-100/POE-100S - Power over Ethernet

   Using the Planet POE adapters, you can power most DC network devices (hubs, Wireless access points, cameras etc) over the same Cat 5/5e cable used to connect the device to the network.

   When positioning network devices, system designers always have to consider the location of power outlets. In some cases, this will restrict the optimum placement of devices or incur additional cost in installing new outlets. Planet's PoE solution addresses these problems.

   The PoE product includes two units: an Injector and a Splitter. An Injector inserts current into the unused wires in a standard network cable (pins: 4, 5, 7 and 8) allowing the cable between the Injector and the Splitter to transfer power and network signals simultaneously. The maximum distance between the Injector and Splitter can reach 100m/328ft, as defined by the IEEE 802.3 standard.

   By eliminating the need for power cords, PoE has following benefits:

   Cost saving - The cost of deploying PoE is much lower than a traditional electrical circuit.

   Ease of network planning - the system designer has more flexibility to locate network devices. Independence from power outlets makes it easier to relocate devices or obtain the best performanta, e,g: fine-tuning the RF coverage of an AP.

   Steady Wireless LAN connectivity - PoE allows a Wireless Access Point to be placed close to the antenna, thus avoiding signal loss over antenna cable.
Product Application:
Where the Installation site of a network device is not close to a power outlet. Used with a Wireless Bridge, Access Point, Internet Camera or other device which requires an external DC power adapter. The basic connection structure is shown beside.
As illustrated below. The Wireless Access Point in a warehouse must be installed on the roof so that all computers can make use of it. Another AP on the second floor of an office building also has to find an optimal position to provide service to all PCs on the same floor. Moreover, an Internet Camera is installed on the left side of the building for security surveillance. In the past, system designers are forced to place these devices close to power outlets, and perhaps, sacrifice performanta or reliability. Using PoE, you can implement a high performanta network without incurring additional costs by requiring addition or reloacation of power outlets.
Key Caracteristici:
   - Provides low-voltage DC power over existing Category 5 cabling to a device with an Ethernet port
   - Distance up to 100 meters
   - Protects devices from possible damages due to power-surges
   - Three different output voltage options (5V/2A, 7.5V/1.5A, 12V/1A) to fit various devices
   - Work with EIA568, category 5, 4-pair cables for 10Base-T or 100Base-TX
 Category 5 pin power usage  -: Pin 4, 5
 +:Pin 7, 8
 Output voltage, current  DC 5V, 2A DC 7.5V, 1.5A DC 12V, 1A
 Ethernet connector  RJ-45
 Ethernet data rate  10/100Mbps
 Number of devices that can be powered  1
 Ethernet data cable  TIA/EIA-568, Category 5/5e cable
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  64.5mm x 42.3mm x 20.4mm
 Dimension  164 x 88 x 53 mm
 Emission  FCC class B, CE-mark
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