Repotec - RP-WR1102G.Booster for 802.11G 200mW,incl.SMA cable.

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Repotec - RP-WR1102G.Booster for 802.11G 200mW,incl.SMA cable.

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Antene, Boostere, Conectica, Accesorii Boostere 2,4GHz, Splittere 2,4GHz, Adaptoare Si Conectica
Repotec RP-WR1102G - Fix-Gain Booster for 802.11g
The device is an indoor solution with bi-directional amplifiers designed for 2.4 GHz wireless LAN . The amplifiers increase the range by providing transmition gain aswell as low-noise receive gain . This receive gain increases the receive sensivity of wireless LAN Access PoINTERIOR . It comes with an easy plug-and-play installation, which works togheter with an indoor Wireless Access Point to improve its operation range and performance . The unit is ideal for use with 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping or Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio modems and 11 Mbit/sec IEEE 802.11b devices.
-Plug and play
-High gain and high performance
-Makes indoor true wireless
-Lower power, low cost and light weight
-Enjoy broadband wireless everywhere
Connectors : SMA-,female,50ohm
Dimensions (cm) : Bi-directional amplifier:L 7.7 cm x W 5.5cm xH 2.9cm
5V DC injector:L 6.3cm x W 4.5cm xH 2.0cm ;
Frequency Response : οΎ± dB over operating range ;
Transmit Gain : 10 dB ( Adjustable ) ;
Operation Temperature : Bi-directional amplifier: -20°C to +70°C
5V DC injector:-30°C to +70°C ;
Power Consumption : 6V DC max.current, <800mA, 90~264V for AC adaptor ;
Lightning Protection : Direct DC ground at antenna connector ;
DC Surge Protection : at 5 VDC input from transmission cable;
Humidity : up to 100% Relative Humidity
5V DC injector:10% to 75% Relative Humidity ;
Operating Mode : Bi-directional,half duplex,auto-switching via carrier sensing ;
Operating Range : 2400-2500 MHz ;
Output Power : 100/200/500mW,1W ;
Transmit Input Power : Max. 200mW (23dBm), Min. 1mW(0dBm) ;
Tx Input Power : 10 dB Nominal ;
Receiver Gain : 14 dB typical ;
Noise Figure : 3.5 dB typical

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