RS485 Industrial Modem to FO single mode. Fiberscape - OP-RS485

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RS485 Industrial Modem to FO single mode. Fiberscape - OP-RS485
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OP-RS232/422/485 Optical Modem
OP-RS232/422/485 Optical Modem

   - Data transmission rate: 0-115.2Kbps
   - Transmit distance: 2 Km multi-mode, 40 Km/60Km/120Km single mode.
   - Fiber connector: SC/FC
   - Electrical connector RJ45, peripheral equipment DB9 connctor,peripheral equipment DB25 connector.
   - Power supply: +5VDC
   - TX and RX LED
   - Construct star,chain network topology
   - Transparent communication,no configure, plug & play.
   - Fiber transceiver module, output optical power stabilize and reliable.
   - Serial port protect circuit, hot pluggable.
   - Full insulation in 2 terminal, high anti electromagnetic interfere, and thunder protect
     This fiber modem is small and easy use. solve the problem of traditional RS232/422/485communication conflict between distance and rate. Electromagnetic interfere, lightning interfere, improve the reliability , safety,and security of data communication, suitable for industrial control, procedure control and traffic control, especially for system in bank, electric and environment which having special requirement for electromagnetic interfere.

     Application domain: military control, industrial control, traffic control, video control, distribute data acquisition system, electric acquisition and control system, intelligent district , highway system
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