UNI TUBE, gel filled, metalfree, protectie ultraviolete, protect

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<< UNI TUBE, gel filled, metalfree, protectie ultraviolete, protect

CTC 1,2kN UNI TUBE gel filled, metalfree, protectie ultraviolete >>

UNI TUBE, gel filled, metalfree, protectie ultraviolete, protect
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CTC 1,2kN - Central Tube Cable 1200N, 8 Fibers

Light-weight, non-metallic, central tube outdoor duct cable with small diameter, rodent protected, longitudinal water-protected. Installation: blowing into conduits, on cable trays.


  • Numar Fibre: 8
  • Diametru Cablu: 6,8mm
  • Greutate:43 kg/km
  • Tensiune Intindere: 1200 N
  • Raza min. de curbura: 135mm
  • Temperatura de operare: -30°C +70°C
  • Dimensiuni standard: 4-8km
Parametri optici ai fibrelor TKF Single-Mode Matched-Cladding G652C (LOW / NO WATER PEAK)
Tip FibraDiametru miez conductor opticDiametru acoperire optica cu fibra sticlaDiametru fibra cu invelis acrilicLungimea de undaAtenuare maxima db/kmCoeficient Dispersie ps/(nmxkm)Coeficient PDM
SM 9/1259,2±0,4 μm125 μm250μm1310nm
1550 nm
1625 nm
<0,2 ps/Vkm

Comercial informationProperties
Product groupFibre optic cable
SeriesGlasvezelkabel Single Mode
TypeCTC 1,2kN
Descriere8x SM G.652 Black8x SM G.652D Black
Net weight43 kg/km
Construction characteristicsProperties
StandardizationIEC 60794-1-2
Fibre TypeSingle mode
Type of tubeLoose tube, gel filled
Total number of fibres8
Number of conductors1
Number of fibres per tube8
Colour of outer sheathBlack
Outer sheath materialPE
Outer diameter6.8 mm
Copper wiresNo
Type of waterblockSAP
Strain releaseYes
Cable metalfreeYes
Technical characteristicsProperties
Flame retardantNo
Low smoke (acc. EN50268-2)No
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-3)Yes
Universal cableNo
Outdoor cableDuctcable
UV resistantYes
Rodent protected Yes
Termite protectedNo
Bullet protectedNo
Longitudinal water blockingYes
User characteristics Properties
Tensile load1200 N
Cable strain0.33 %
Crush resistance1500 N/dm
Operation temperature-10 / 50 °C
Installation temperature-5 / 50 °C
Distribution temperature-30 / 70 °C
Bending radius after installation100 mm
Bending radius during installation135 mm
Torsion resistance360°/m
Impact resistance5 J
Attenuation - 1310 nm0.35 dB/km0.34 dB/km
Attenuation - 1550 nm0.22 dB/km

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